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Why Buy Used at AM Ford Sales in Trail, BC

Why Buy Used at AM Ford Sales in Trail, BC

Purchasing or leasing a new car is not right for everyone’s needs and budget. AM Ford Sales is proud to offer an extensive inventory of used cars, trucks and SUVs in addition to our new models. Here are a few reasons that purchasing used at AM Ford Sales might make sense for you:
  • You will save money: Because they have been driven by at least one previous owner and thus have typical wear and tear on them, used cars are sold at a lower price. What’s more, they have already undergone their major depreciation, so you can purchase a used vehicle at a more affordable cost, and it will lose that value a lot more gradually than if you bought it new. You will also save money on insurance premiums, as insurance for used vehicles is typically cheaper, and you likely won’t need as much coverage.
  • You can get something nicer: If you have dreamed of buying a luxury model or a higher trim level of a more expensive truck or SUV, but price has been an issue, used might be the right choice. Because of the lower price point, you can buy a higher trim level or more luxurious vehicle that is a few model years old without breaking the bank.
  • You can get a discontinued model: Is there a Ford model that has been discontinued that you have your eye on? What about a used vehicle from another automaker? Our used inventory at AM Ford Sales is constantly changing, so chances are good you may stumble on an old vehicle you love that Ford or another automaker no longer manufactures.
  • You can do your homework: With the advent of the internet, you can do plenty of research about a used vehicle to make sure it’s right for you. And with a vehicle history report and thorough inspection by your mechanic, you can be certain the used vehicle you want is a good buy.
Visit AM Ford Sales to check out our extensive inventory of used vehicles.

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