Finance Department | Trail, BC

Purchasing and financing a vehicle through AM Ford in Trail, British Columbia, is an easy, stress-free process. At every step of the way, our experienced finance team is ready to work with your budget, help you find a great deal, and get you the financing you need!

Before you visit

Before you visit our dealership, fill out our online form to get pre-qualified for credit. This will give you a close idea of your credit score and the financing you qualify for. Whether you have good, bad, or no credit, we’ll work with you to find the financing you need for the Ford vehicle you want!

It’s also a smart idea to plan ahead and determine the budget you can spend on your monthly car payment. Look at your current expenses and income to determine how much cash per month you can afford to spend on a car; and, don’t forget to factor in your insurance premiums, gas, and maintenance.

If you’d like to trade in your current vehicle when you buy a new one at AM Ford, you can find out what it’s worth and get the appraisal process started here.

During your visit

We have a huge variety of new and used Ford vehicles for sale at AM Ford. With the F-150 pickup truck, the Mustang muscle car, the off-road Bronco, SUVs like the Escape and Explorer, and many other models, you’re sure to find something to fit within your budget and meet your needs!

Once you’ve made your selection, our sales team will send you to the finance department. There, we’ll help you figure out your down payment, calculate monthly payments, and secure financing with a favorable APR. AM Ford works with several lenders to find you the most competitive rates. The loan terms you get depend on the size of your down payment and your current credit score.

What if I have bad credit or no credit?

No matter your credit score, we’d love to work with you to help you find a vehicle to own in Trail, British Columbia. However, if your credit score is on the low end, you can start making changes to your finances now so you’ll be able to secure a more favorable loan (one with lower interest!) in the future.

To boost your credit score, do the following:

  • Pay off your existing debts and maintain a low credit utilization. That might mean having multiple credit cards open but only using a small amount of the available credit allowances.
  • Create a good balance of credit that involves credit cards, an auto loan, mortgage, etc. Creditors like to see that you can handle a diversified set of loans.
  • Pay all bills on time and in full.

Have more questions about financing a vehicle at AM Ford Sales? Contact our finance department, and we’ll get you the answers you need!