Oil Changes In Trail, BC

Your car is an investment, and it’s something you need to take care of consistently. Otherwise, it won’t last. Whether you’re driving around Fruitvale, Castlegar, Rossland, or other towns in the West Kootenay region, your car needs to be tuned up every now and then.
The most routine service every gas-powered vehicle needs is a motor oil change, which our team is trained to do at AM Ford. Most manufacturers recommend getting your vehicle’s oil changed every 3,000 miles, but you should still check the owner’s manual for additional information regarding the oil filter and other fluids to service.

Why Are Oil Changes Important?

Our valued customers often ask us why oil changes are so important here in Trail, BC. In basic terms, motor oil is like the blood of your car’s engine; it keeps everything pumping smoothly. As the engine moves, that oil is pushed in and around its components, becoming polluted with debris and grime over time. When the oil is not clean, your Ford’s engine will not run as smoothly.

An oil change consists of our team draining the old, dirty oil out of the engine and replacing it with a fresh batch. The oil filter, which keeps some of the debris out of the oil by catching it, is also swapped out for a new one. Without consistent oil changes, your Ford’s engine won’t run well and could even stop working completely. When you consider how cold it gets during winter here in Trail, having an engine with oil that runs smoothly is vital.

The best thing about getting an oil change is that it’s practically the same process for every gas-powered vehicle. So whether you’ve got an F-150, Edge, Bronco Sport, or Expedition, you’re getting the same great service from our team of mechanics.

Order Genuine Ford Parts

Do you like doing your own car work? If so, you might want to order your own parts to do your oil change yourself. Save a few dollars on labor costs and get some good, honest work in on a weekend sometime. Place an order for any authentic Ford parts you need. All Ford parts are guaranteed and engineered specifically for your vehicle. Order online today!

Services at AM Ford

The highly skilled technicians here in Trail, BC can handle anything that you need to be done. Everything from a standard oil change to a front end alignment to electrical service is on our service menu. Schedule an appointment online or call our service center at (250) 364-0202.