Ford Service Department

Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

Keeping up with routine maintenance on your Ford will ensure it runs smoothly, safely, and efficiently for years to come. Regular vehicle maintenance also involves an inspection of your Ford to catch potential issues before they turn into dangerous and costly problems.

We recommend servicing your Ford at AM Ford for everything from oil changes and tire rotations to air filter and spark plug replacements. We can test and replace batteries, align your wheels, inspect your brakes, and more.

Why You Can Trust the AM Ford Sales Service Team

We recommend coming to us for maintenance for multiple reasons. We truly believe we can offer you the best service for your Ford vehicle. Here’s why.

  • Our service team is specially trained to work on Ford vehicles. While our team has all the standard training that other mechanics have and can thus work on vehicles of any make, they have specific knowledge of Ford vehicles that corner garage mechanics do not.
  • Our service bay has specific equipment from Ford that was designed to work on Ford vehicles. Likewise, we have access to genuine Ford parts to use in your vehicle, rather than generic parts that don’t quite fit.
  • We prioritize customer service. We will always be transparent, fast, and thorough. We’ll welcome you with a smile, answer all your questions, and make sure you’re comfortable while waiting.
  • We do thorough inspections. Every time you come in for routine maintenance — whether it’s for brakes, oil, or just a general tune-up — we will top off all fluids and do a strict inspection of your vehicle to determine if there are any issues you should address.

You can call AM Ford to schedule a maintenance appointment or fill out the form below.