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Fluid Flushes in Trail, BC

Owning a vehicle in Trail requires maintenance at certain mileage milestones for important components. It’s easy to overlook the fluids that are in your Ford, but these are vital for keeping it running well. Learn details on what is included in a fluid flush at AM Ford and why this service is important.

What is a fluid flush?

As its name suggests, a fluid flush is when the bad or old fluids in your vehicle are flushed out and replaced with clean fluids. Then, the compartments where the fluids are held are washed after being drained before filling they’re filled with new fluids.

Why is a fluid flush important? Over time, these reservoirs can become contaminated with debris or sludge. Simply draining old fluid won’t always eliminate the sludge, and any remaining contaminants will quickly pollute the new fluid. This is how a fluid flush is different than a standard oil change, for example, where the oil is simply replaced.

What fluids are included in a flush?

The common fluids that require flushes are coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, radiator fluid, and the fuel system.

Why are fluid flushes important?

Fluid flushes are important because they keep your vehicle’s systems free from contamination. By keeping lines clean, your car is more likely to run smoothly and be consistently reliable over time here in British Columbia. If you fail to perform needed fluid flushes, serious damage can cause your truck, SUV, or car to stop working.

Many automakers recommend flushing most fluids every 30,000 miles, although the interval can vary based on your specific vehicle. It’s best to defer to your car’s owner’s manual or come see our knowledgeable technicians at AM Ford.

Order Genuine Ford Parts

Here at AM Ford we use genuine Ford parts to ensure the highest quality. These Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are made specifically for your vehicle and offer more peace of mind than whatever a corner mechanic might have in their inventory. We also ensure that every fluid we use in your vehicle is compatible and supports proper performance.

Services at AM Ford

We do more than just fluid flushes here at AM Ford. Our services include checking your vehicle’s tires, brakes, oil and filter, spark plugs, and so much more. Contact our team to schedule an appointment or simply to ask a question about your vehicle.
Fluid Flushes | Trail, BC

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